Diabetic Foot Care & Limb Salvage

diabetic foot care and limb salvage

Diabetic Foot Care and Limb Salvage

Diabetes can lead to multiple problems affecting the foot.  The two most common diabetic complications that can impact the foot are poor circulation and diabetic neuropathy.  These can lead to foot deformities, bone and joint deterioration, loss of feeling, foot ulcers, infection, and gangrene.  Untreated diabetic foot conditions can lead to hospitalization and amputation of the affected foot.  Diabetic foot care and early intervention is essential for helping to provide necessary wound care and help salvage affected limbs.

Diabetic foot care and early intervention is recommended in patients who have been diagnosed with diabetes and in patients who are suffering from diabetes-related complications: 

  • Nerve damage,
  • Poor circulation
  • Foot deformities
  • Infection
  • Ulcers

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