Wound & Hyperbaric Research

wound and hyperbaric research

Wound and Hyperbaric Research

Our goal for wound care and hyperbaric research is to discover treatments and methods that will achieve the best wound outcomes possible.  Being at the forefront of advanced wound care and hyperbaric research, allows Tulsa Wound Center to provide exciting new treatments and the best care and options to our patients.


If you have a chronic non-healing wound, you may be eligible to participate in FREE clinical research trials!

Call us today to see if you qualify!

  • Must be 18 years old
  • No insurance required for participation
  • You will receive study-related care at no cost to you and may be compensated for travel and time.

Dr. Le  is a well-published Wound Physician and Principal Investigator.  She believes the best physicians are constant learners.  She knows that her involvement with wound research gives her the best insight on treatment options for her patients.

Tulsa Wound Center does participate in hyperbaric research.  We are currently conducting studies on hyperbaric treatments and several investigational indications.  Participation in hyperbaric research will come at a minimal cost to participants.

Call us at 918-561-6661 to see if you qualify for any active trials.

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